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Rosin Roll

Made for the professional smoker

Fatty's "The Rosin Roll" is a limited edition product because of the care and effort that is required to make this superior pre-roll. Using only 100% pure bud, each one is infused with the same strain of naturally extracted rosin wax, hash and kief. It is three layers of extremely high quality products so that you can enjoy a pure taste if its the strain you choose.

3x Jack

Black Diamond Sherbet

Blue Gellato

Chocolope Chip Cookies

Cherry Pie

Bubba Grape

Kandy Kush

Lemon OG

Martian Kandy

Green Mochi

Gorilla Glue

Fire OG

Tripple Threat

Rocket Fuel OG

Platinum Cookies

White Sour Diesel

Super Lemon Haze

Birthday Cake

Blue Cookies

Orange Guava

Red Papaya

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